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Whale Island from the Saddle    Whale Island seals    Moutohora Island view into Nth Bay   Carving of Tai Wakaia, Motouhora Island, New Zealand

Land tours of Whale (Moutohora) Island are run under concession issued by the Department of Conservation together with the Islands Joint Management Committee.  

For 18 years a concession has been held by the Whakatane Volunteer Coastguard and during the first 15 years or so Phil van Dusschoten and Diveworks Charters have had a close involvement with this, putting over 2000 people on the Island.

Phil was one of the first guides leading many of the tours to Pa Hill and the summit.

Whale Island Tours  currently have an application with the Department of Conservation and Joint Management Committee for a concession to run tours.
As the Department of Conservations 'preferred Operator'for servicing the Island, Diveworks Charters still have had an ongoing involvement.
Phils interest have lead him to write a book on the Islands history which in the future will be issued as part of the tour.
Conservationists, Bird watchers, Schools, Historians and other interested parties should soon have unhurried opportunities to visit the Island.
For information about the Island please visit our information centre or feel free to contact us.

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